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The Storytelling Denim Brand

Speaking for different eras - the heritage we carry, the possibilities of today and all the stories yet to come, we’d like to think we do not make just ethical apparel, but we also give value as storytellers and reminders how things could be done, once again.

In 2010 we experimented with denim for the first time. Touched by its incredible nature - the roughness and the softness, the way it ages, fades, resists and transforms through time - we knew our paths would entwine and together, we would create miracles. Clear cuts with a hint of nobility and a bit of magic mark our approach to denim while supporting the revelation of our inner characters. 


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Tales of Denim

Recent news and stories. Collaborations and ongoing projects of GUILD. Tales of Tallinn, the historical wonderland known as Reval. Craftsmanship of denim. Prosperous Wonders.

Recent news & stories