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We discovered a cutout about indigo in an old newspaper “Päewaleht” from the 17th of January 1929, Tallinn!

As an advertisement of laundry blue “Indigo paper” that's made of real indigo, the cutout’s a reflection of the days when washing blues were used to improve the appearance of textiles, especially to make the white fabrics lighter. As blue is the complementary colour of yellow/orange, it turns as magic the sandy colours back to snow white.

Another interesting advertisement about the values of local manufacturing originates from 1938, Tallinn. For example, one of the commercials states: “One suit crafted of locally made fabric gives a day's job to one weaver and four other workers, and therefore ensures the bread and well-being of five different families.. - Have you ever thought about that?”

We’re here wondering, how many great fabrics and suits are at all still locally made - ever wondered that? The list of “locally feeling” brands actually producing in Asia is rather outrageous et voila! Here we are - the kids of the new century who find themselves in a situation where truly great cloth is regionally no longer produced. We hope that one day, this matter will change again!


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