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"Nothing excellent can be done without leisure” - Andre Gide

Lately we photographed our newest denim suits in Jackie - one of the hippest bars in Helsinki. Designed by Finnish interior designer Joanna Laajisto, the bar takes its cues from 60s and 70s disco music: "I was given a soundtrack of 60s and 70s Italian lounge music and 70s French cosmic disco by the owner, Antti Eerikäinen, to understand the ambience he wanted in the space. Best brief I have ever received.” Using a palette of dark green paint, tan leather upholstery, wood and marble, Laajisto said she wanted to create the "atmosphere of a hotel lobby without the rooms upstairs”.

After discovering this perfect spot for our sartorial layers, we teamed up with Cuban model Yohakner Arnet and our long-time friend in photography, Felix Laasme. Leisure looks were achieved with air force blue denim suits woven on old looms in the mountains of Japan and washed to knit-like garments in Tallinn. A great highlight is definitely double-breasted suit, handdyed with mud and real indigo leaves. Another noteworthy piece is the long smoking robe, crafted of rich velvet woven in ancient techniques.

All items are currently available for pre-order in Guild Store and online.



Photographer - Felix Laasme
Model - Yohakner Arnet

Great thanks to Jackie!

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