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In this side of the paradise, summer’s are short and precious. White nights, soft winds, warm rain, thunderstorms, outdoor cafes, joyful people, music and laughter on the streets, naked shoulders and sun-kissed bellies, evening mist and the smell of thousand blossoms make it undeniably most magical time of the year.

As temperatures in Northern Hemisphere may vary in summer from 15 to 38 degrees, we never know what to expect from a new day and therefore, decided to make clothes that are suitable for every weather. No matter whether it's summer, spring or fall - it’s your decision how to play with layers.

Jungle inspired bombers, jackets and pants, the striped blue nobleman’s suit, relaxed herringbone vibes, light-weight kimonos, new hats and berrets and mustard yellow we’re forever in love with are stepping in the limelight.

The main newcomers are knits crafted of extra fine merino wool. Light, soft and breathable, merino is celebrated as wool with greatest quality, for it’s hypoallergenic and suitable for both daytime heat and evening chilliness.

Be brave and rock them as they are or wear them as warm underwear. The main thing is - get creative with layering!


Photographer: Felix Laasme
Models: Joan Hint, Sten Karik, Peep Vähi & Anton Khmelnitsky

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