Psychedelic Suits

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"Unless you’re willing to look a little foolish, forget the possibilty of becoming great.” - CHER

Sten Karik, one of the founders of GUILD photographed on the streets of Tallinn by Felix Laasme, a rising talent who’s also one of the creative forces behind a lifestyle magazine Hooligan Hamlet. You may imagine his amaze of experiencing Air Max together with a dapper suit and a style reminding more the court of Versailles than the adventures of Hypebeast.

The tattersall suits were also captured on moving pictures which revealed the suit’s psychedelic character.

“The collection of moving frames, repeating themselves to eternity and back somehow live that moment again and again. And from that movement - an emotion, a feeling appears. And suddenly you see the whole world around it - like a work of art it comes together on one, breathing image.” describes Laasme the birth of a cinemagraphs. He adds, “The colours, wonder and composition - it’s all like a sandbox where one can play with digital tools and at the same time, grow the personal sense of beauty.”



Photographer: Felix Laasme
Model: Sten Karik




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