Winter Is Coming

Tales of Guild

The coldest season of the year starts in forty-eight days and as so, we’re introducing our windproof woollen coats.

We’ve always dreamed of an elegant coat that’d also be a worthy companion when it comes to the bitter climate of Northern lands. So we took the warmest wool one could find, cut it into a straight fitting silhouette, padded it with invisible windproof layers and lined the whole thing with sleek Italian viscose.

There are two styles - while one coat is constructed with high collar to protect us from harsh Northern winds, the other is made with narrow winglike lapels that gives the coat a lighter look.

What we also discovered is that coat is one of the earliest clothing words in English tracing back in its modern meaning to a year 1300, when it was written "cote", stemming from Latin "cottus" meaning - the woollen clothes.

Our cottus also has a complimentary suit crafted of light wool and therefore, is also suitable for brighter time of the year.


Photographer: Felix Laasme
Model: Sten Karik



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